Monday, 2 January 2012


The end of the day - hats drying in front of the fire - the view from my spinning wheel

Christmas is officially over chez Little Shoots. Once we get to new years eve I get a little OCD & down come the decorations amid much sadness.

We do have Epiphany to look forward to, however!

We will be starting 'school-lite' as from tomorrow - lots of reading, a review of maths we were studying before our December break, fun phonics & maths games, a new spelling list or two...

Friday is Epiphany, however - a jewel in the dark winter days.
Here are our plans....

~ We will be reading Matthew 2

~ We shall be singing 'We Three Kings'

~ We shall be reading the story of Baboushka in Festivals, Family and Food theough there is a version of the folktale here

~ We shall be baking a plaited Brioche

~ And of course, we shall be making Crowns

Happy Epiphany!