Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Christian Nature study e-books

My Friend, Melissa has recently launched a new company Shining Dawn Books.
Co-founder Cindy & Melissa say:
"We have both dreamed about writing for a long time. Neither of us ever had a clear answer from the Lord about diving in until recently when He gave us so many ideas and resources that we couldn’t say no. What a pleasure it’s been to create this series of nature-based unit studies! Our prayer is that you will not only find the studies useful, but that they will help draw you closer to our Lord and Creator through learning more about His amazing creation"

Tha ladies are having a give away to launch the company, pop along to Melissa's blog to find out more.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Our Homeschool Scrapbook

Our latest idea is to make a scapbook of our homeschool days.
Our plan is to make a two page spread on a monthly basis, recording that months activities, achievements, days out etc. Scrapbooking is an existing, if not neglected hobby for us, so we already have a lot of supplies to make our scapbooking fun & creative.
I plan to be organised (!) & order a set of photo's on a month by month basis from Snapfish. Then, at the end of the month, the girls can make up their pages for that month. I am hoping to see lots of benefits for this idea:

We can incorporate narration naturally as they discuss what they have been learning about that particular month.

They can narrate to me, I will type their words & use as copywork. This journaling can be added to the page in the form of mini books & journaling boxes.

A Record of Achievement
A simple way to view the learning & interests of our girls.

Putting this book together is an act of creativity in itself!

A Treasured Keepsake
What a blessing this book will be to look back on for B & I as parents & for the girls themselves as they grow! I intend to re-read The Gift of Family Writing as inspiration.

Useful resources:
Scrapbook to learn
How to Incorporate Scrapbooking Into Your Homeschool
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Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Clickety Clack Club!

It has happened! The moment I have waited for...my dear sweet daughter is obsessed with knitting :)
"Mummy, I cant stop thinking about knitting!" ahhhhh, music to my ears! LOL!

She has knit on & off before, but just a few days ago, whilst watching me finish the shawl for Miss R, she asked to work on her own knitting again. I dug it out from my knitting basket & away she went! And she is fast, too!

On Friday we took an impromptu visit by train to the next town. (she knitted on the train there & back!-thats my girl :)
We trawled the charity shops looking for hidden gems in the yarn department. (600g cherry red pure new wool-£6!)
So now, E has her own 'Stash' from which she can choose her yarns for upcoming projects. We have even begun a plan for her Christmas gift knitting. "I want to knit presents for everyone, Mummy!"

She has made a really sweet set for her doll, Angela - a lovely hat with tassels & a purse with a wonderful vintage button. (did I mention we collect buttons, too?)
We hold our regular 'Clickety Clack Club' meetings on the sofa, complete with The famous Five on the I-Pod & a bag of cinder toffee. Yum! We look forward to a change in the weather, then we can take quilts into the garden & knit in the sun to the tune of honeybees.

Will this last? I dont know, but I hope so! It has really made me think how my girls are growing up fast & developing their likes & dislikes. To share this with my baby is just so special. Discussing our projects, talking about yarn, who we would like to knit for. This really is a time to be treasured & nurtured. I love it!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Girly Knitting

A new shawl for Miss R in the most beautiful yarn.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Our May Day Cake

A bit late adding a picture, but here is our May Day Lemon Cake