Monday, 18 June 2007

Our Feathered Friend

We had a very special experience today...
The girls & I were sitting snuggled on the sofa, reading, when Boomer our dog came dashing in. E shouted 'he has my butterfly' so i jumped up, shooed him out, dreading what he had done. But the dark little shape E had seen was a baby sparrow! Now, all day long we had heard tweeting...I had been searching around outside for a bird, or nest. When in fact she ws inside our home all along! (We think our cat brought her in this morning)
She is slightly injured on her left side, & is currently resting in a shoebox. We are going to try letting her go again in the morning (tried earlier, but she could not fly...& we have several neighbourhood cats, as well as our own) if she still cannot fly, we shall be taking her to the vet!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Education Otherwise...

Something very close to my heart, but something i never dared to mention in this blog, is my desire to Homeschool my girls. Well....hubby has said yes! Praise God! This is such a wonderful thing for us....& something that God placed in my heart. I am sooooooooooo very happy!
We will officially start in september, but, of course, education in the home is something that happens all the time...whether planned or not!
Too happy to type about it! LOL!

More Butterflies...

Well, the butterfly who wouldnt fly had quite an adventure...After keeping him for a while, this is what happened. E put out both butterflies on flowers in our garden to have their daily 'outdoor time' when she came back, he was missing. We hunted high & low, but could not find him. Three days later, we found him..floating in water (We have a little trough, sunk into the ground for the girls to sail boats in, etc) There he was, just floating. I suggested we could bury him in the garden, but as i picked him out of the water, he started to wriggle! E tended him, allowing his wings to dry out in the hot sunshine. That afternoon, he flew up into our blossom tree, drank from the blossoms for a good while, & then flew away into the sunshine! What a happy tale.
As for the butterfly with the deformed wing...she is still here with us...after all this time :)