Monday, 18 June 2007

Our Feathered Friend

We had a very special experience today...
The girls & I were sitting snuggled on the sofa, reading, when Boomer our dog came dashing in. E shouted 'he has my butterfly' so i jumped up, shooed him out, dreading what he had done. But the dark little shape E had seen was a baby sparrow! Now, all day long we had heard tweeting...I had been searching around outside for a bird, or nest. When in fact she ws inside our home all along! (We think our cat brought her in this morning)
She is slightly injured on her left side, & is currently resting in a shoebox. We are going to try letting her go again in the morning (tried earlier, but she could not fly...& we have several neighbourhood cats, as well as our own) if she still cannot fly, we shall be taking her to the vet!

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