Sunday, 17 June 2007

More Butterflies...

Well, the butterfly who wouldnt fly had quite an adventure...After keeping him for a while, this is what happened. E put out both butterflies on flowers in our garden to have their daily 'outdoor time' when she came back, he was missing. We hunted high & low, but could not find him. Three days later, we found him..floating in water (We have a little trough, sunk into the ground for the girls to sail boats in, etc) There he was, just floating. I suggested we could bury him in the garden, but as i picked him out of the water, he started to wriggle! E tended him, allowing his wings to dry out in the hot sunshine. That afternoon, he flew up into our blossom tree, drank from the blossoms for a good while, & then flew away into the sunshine! What a happy tale.
As for the butterfly with the deformed wing...she is still here with us...after all this time :)

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