Monday, 28 May 2007

Our New Pet

Well, all of our butterflies hatched, apart from one, which appeared to be a late developer! We observed them for a day or two, then came the momment to set them free. Off they all went, apart from one, which was born with a slightly crumpled wing. The poor thing cannot fly. So...we have ourselves a new pet! LOL! She (E says she is surely a girl) is brought fresh flowers daily & is fed sugar water, plus she has daily walks in the garden, where E pops her on the flowers so she can drink the nectar. Quite the life!
When the last butterfly was born, for some unknown reason, she would not leave, either! Despite being taken out to a beautiful local meadow, she would not leave...untill this morning. Both butterlies were enjoying the daily treat of sunning themselves in the garden. e came into the house, & when she got back out to them, only our damaged wing friend remained. I do hope late bloomer has finally taken to the wing...& not some pesky bird decided to make her breakfast...who knows?
E took it very well...she does seem to deal with the reality of the natural world in a non-sentimental way.

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