Monday, 18 May 2009

Our Homeschool Scrapbook

Our latest idea is to make a scapbook of our homeschool days.
Our plan is to make a two page spread on a monthly basis, recording that months activities, achievements, days out etc. Scrapbooking is an existing, if not neglected hobby for us, so we already have a lot of supplies to make our scapbooking fun & creative.
I plan to be organised (!) & order a set of photo's on a month by month basis from Snapfish. Then, at the end of the month, the girls can make up their pages for that month. I am hoping to see lots of benefits for this idea:

We can incorporate narration naturally as they discuss what they have been learning about that particular month.

They can narrate to me, I will type their words & use as copywork. This journaling can be added to the page in the form of mini books & journaling boxes.

A Record of Achievement
A simple way to view the learning & interests of our girls.

Putting this book together is an act of creativity in itself!

A Treasured Keepsake
What a blessing this book will be to look back on for B & I as parents & for the girls themselves as they grow! I intend to re-read The Gift of Family Writing as inspiration.

Useful resources:
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Lynn said...

What a great idea Lynn!
I love the new colour of your blog.

Melissa said...

This is a great idea Lynn!

Also, just letting you know that my friend Cindy (Our Journey Westward) and I have just launched a brand new company offering nature-themed e-book unit studies. We are having a giveaway to celebrate. We'd love to have you come visit.

Blessings, Melissa

Daisypainters said...

We miss you Lynn - my scrapbooking inspiration xxx Ashley

jennybell said...

I think this is a great idea. Right now, the only scrapbooking my little man is doing is a "Zoo Scrapbook" which is really an animal notebook. Each page is an animal we have taken pictures of in a zoo (we use snapfish too) and he is now at the point where he is designing the whole page by himself. The only part I am still doing is taking dictation of his narration of animal facts. Sometime this year, I plan on turning it into copywork so the whole page is "his". We organize these in alphabetical order though instead of chronilogically - I just note the page date in each corner.

Esther said...

O, lovely idea... can I borrow the idea? You aren't getting to blog much lately? Do you have to work a lot? How do you fit it in with H.E? Esther x