Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Fairy cakes & Candlemas

Sunday will be Candlemas. This is the day, when, traditionally, the church candles would be blessed. For us, the candles are a reminder of a much greater light.
Jesus Christ.
This morning, E & I made fairy cakes. She wanted to make black & pink ones, & R requested we make her a red one. (She was off to visit grandma this morning) Here they are in all their goopy-intense glory.

After a leisurely time working on her 'shapes' book, E tidied up & R came home for lunch. We had lunch, then quiet time, then ate a fairy cake or two, whilst reading the history of Candlemas & Luke2:22-40 which is the story of the presentation of Christ in the Temple. We talked about Snowdrops, known as Candlemas Bells, named by the Monks of days gone by for their appearance at this time of year. We also read "the Snowdrop" by Hans Christian Annderson.
Then it was onto candle making...ooooh, this was fun! & very easy! Here is E with her candle

We had a Kit from Myriad online & it was sooo easy! Simply cut the beeswax to the desired size, trim the wick, & roll! Wonderful. Even R had a go, & did a superb job. Here she is, copying her sister's pose;

Once the candles were finished, we displayed them along our mantel, along with some other crafts we had there already.

Happy Candlemas :)

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