Friday, 22 February 2008

Our Learning Week

An updated version of what we do & when...

*Bible Study & Language Arts*

We study one Bible Text per week, On Mondays I introduce it, ask questions & read from This Bible
Sometimes we follow up with a song, story or craft related to the story. A great resource for Bible crafts & activities is 1001 ways to introduce your child to the Bible However, I should point out my recent conviction to stay away from crafts that are too 'adult directed' as they seem to have little meaning & benefit to the child. My children benefit much more from their own spontanious art creations, than anything i could dream up for them. This does not include handcrafts, however, such as sewing, fingerknitting, etc, etc. Which are soothing & excellent for developing the fine motor skills (& patience of both mother & child!)

We read every day, both myself to the children & E reads to me. We have just started out with Bob Books Which are working very well for us. So far, so good :)

We work on a multitude of reading/writing activities, which will be the topic of another post ;)

*Bible Study & Language Arts*

as for Monday, but digging more into the bible story.

Again, the subject for a longer post, but for soemone who hated maths as a child, I look forward with delight to number day! there are so many wonderful things to do with numbers!
We also have a selecion of number stories which are true favourites to read & this 'curled up together' time is always appreciated (by mummy, of course!)
Wednesday tends to be our main baking day, when our home is filled with the aroma of freshly baked fairy buns, bread, or whatever we fancy. (usually fairy buns as the girls adore decorating them with glorious goops of glossy neon icing!)
The afternoons are taken with our Tea & crafts...Honouring the Lord by celebrating the liturgical & seasonal year, we bake, craft, read & hold tea parties that follow our theme for the week.

*Bible Study & Language Arts*

as for Monday, but today we may use a devotional for our current bible story.

*Nature Study*
Walks in the local woods, by the river, in the park, or simply observing seasonal changes in our garden makes our nature study day. E has her own (very full) nature notebook to record her findings, of which she is very proud.
Hereis a wonderfully inspiring article about nature study.

This weekly rhythmn is working wonderfully for us at the momment. Devoting a day to a topic is setting a much less harried & smooth pace.
Each day has extra's too, but essentially, each day I try to include the following:
Family devotions
That particular day's study theme
Read alouds
E reading to me
something we have added/subtracted etc etc
Habbit training
Work on E's current unit study (At the momment she is keeping a moon journal)
cooking/baking/household chores
the creation of art
Lots of time for each other :)

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