Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Art Experiences for Breakfast!

Colour mixing with porridge!

This activity is especially suited to preschoolers, but fun for children of all ages. It takes just a few minutes to prepare & brings art exploration into our daily experiences.
All you need is a bowl of cooked porridge & 2 shades of food colouring from the three primary colours: Red, Blue & Yellow.
Today, I used yellow & blue

I use Squires food colour pasteWhich is much more intense than liquid colour.
Divide the cooked porridge into two mixing bowls.
Add one colour to each bowl. I use a cocktail stick & dispose of it after each 'dip' so as not to contaminate the food colour. Keep adding colour until you are satisfied with the intensity of the colour.
Spoon the coloured porridge in equal amounts into your child's bowl, making sure the colours do not mix together.

Let the fun begin!
Here is a picture of our porridge when mixed by my 5 year old:

As a reminder, here are the primary colours & the secondary colours they create when mixed:
Have fun & please send me a link to your own post if you choose to have a go :)

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