Sunday, 26 July 2009

Le Weekend

We have had an easy, simple, foody kind of weekend.
Our weekend always begins on Friday evening. The house is clean & tidy (or so I like to imagine!) the ironing is done & put away & hubby & I have dinner together, when the girls have gone to bed. Friday was extra special, as it was my hubby's birthday, so, following lunch out, I made for us a lovely summer curry, clean & fresh with coconut milk & lime; all washed down with a very dry pink champagne. Yum.
Saturday morning was spent baking; wholemeal bread, banana bread & meringue for Sunday's dessert. The afternoon was a warm mix of finding bugs;


hiding in the trees;

& knitting hedgehogs

(Hector was finished the same afternoon, but I have neglected to take his photograph)

Sunday, we visited our local Equestrian store, which brought back many happy memories of owning my own horse. I went to pick up some new walking boots; on our way home we stopped off at the woods for a good Sunday ramble; wet, muddy & lots of fun throwing a stick into the canal for our dog.

Lunch was delicious roast chicken with dill, tarragon & lemon; celeriac & parsnip puree & glazed carrots. To be followed by Eton Mess made with rhubarb & rosewater (remember the meringues?)
Can you tell I have a new cookery book!?!?! I cant recommend it enough.

Miss R & I had a saunter in the garden & picked our potatoes

What a lovely, gentle weekend. It is now 5.30pm, so time for the girls bath. Lots of lavender tonight, I think.
I have a new Bible Story Book with which we are so far satisfied. Then it will be kisses, snuggles & not forgetting sleepy nursing for one little girl.
With the girls all tucked up in bed & plan to crack on with reading this inspiring book & knitting a Lily of the Valley Shawl.
Have a great evening!


Franbles said...

Hi! How nice to have a chilled out weekend!
Your spuds look yummy.
We are reading the same Bible story book, though an older version I think. It reminds me of the one I had read to me as a child, though whether it's still the same one I don't know.
God bless you!

Jeanne said...

A lovely peaceful gentle weekend indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Leah said...

How old is your youngest Lynn? So inspiring that she's still nursing...we're still going strong at almost 13 months but his developing mouth of teeth can make latching on difficult for him and painful for Mama :( Any tips?

Lynn said...

Hi Leah!
Rosie is four next month. Some mums find their little ones do need to re-adjust somewhat/get used to a mouthful of teeth. You may find it helpful to go right back to basics & check the latch again & each time a new tooth appears.
Also, here is a really useful article from KellyMom:
hth, Leah!

Leah said...

Hey Lynn - thanks for this, he has just got tooth no.8 so it has felt more painful the past week or so but I'm sure it will settle down. Kellymom is great; I'll check out that article - thanks :)

Hallie @ Moxie Wife said...

Your blog is just gorgeous. It make me feel so inspired and peaceful. What a treat. Thank you! :)