Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Some dyeing

Spent the afternoon yesterday dyeing these two fine merino & tussah silk slivers.
So have aptly named the colourway 'Candlemas' : )


Anonymous said...

I love the colors Lynn - my favourite! Are you going to spin? Read on your Ravelry that you only recently started knitting - wow, I am impressed by your work.

Lynn said...

thanks! I am really pleased with this : )
I have another batch (different colourway) drying as I type.
I do spin - I am awaiting the delivery of 2 new golding spindles!!! I am very excited!!! I really enjoy spinning laceweight & E has caught the 'spin as thin as you can' bug.
I began to knit a year ago & will have been spinning for a year in april : )

Jen said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I love it, Lynn! Can't wait too see the other one and what you're going to create with this :D

Lynn said...

hello Jen!
it is actually the two shown - i did them in the same colourway.
I have done some more dyeing today, though...

Lisa said...

Hi Lynn, beautiful fibre! Love the pink's in there, of course! I'll have something going out to you very soon, so keep your eye out. We're getting snow tomorrow, so no post office this weekend. Soon!
P.S. Do you have any favorite videos or youtube's to learn spinning, both wheel and spindle?

Lynn said...

Hello Lisa!
well, of course I knew you would love the pink ; )
I havent really watched videos for the wheel, but for the spindle:

These are all by Abby Franquemont, she is a great teacher & I am sure she would have wheel videos, too.