Monday, 11 July 2011


I have decided that we are going to re-read Story Of The World Vol 1

Having thought long & hard I feel I should have given this book more space in our schooltime.
So we shall re-read. I have purchased the activity guide & I shall be using it along with the wonderful resources from The Chronicle Of The Earth blog.
Elianna shall be making the Ancients Lapbook (all printed out & ready to go!)
I shall be using the extensive resource notes for each chapter
All the wonderful resources are listed here.

Isnt that an exciting prospect!


Jen said...

Lynn, my long lost friend!!!!! How are you? I haven't been able to post on my blog, for some reason, but I popped on it to see who else has posted and I loved this post! We're actually delving into SOTW, as well. DH is a history major and buff and it's just time. We're still doing some waldorf, but I was feeling a bit constrained by too many limitations as of late so I'm listening to the girls and my gut. So imagine my surprise when I saw this post! How cool and thanks for the great link. I will have to email you to share some resources as we're going through them! Please keep in touch, Lynn and hugs those cuties from the twins!

Leah said...

Hey Lynn; Jo Child and I were chatting about you the other day, I didn't realise you were blogging again so I decided to look you up...and here you are! After dipping in now and again we've decided to follow CM's methods 100% (well, as close to!!), got lots of reading and researching to do but excited about our journey...hopefully will get round to blogging about it at some point. Life is full but lovely :-)