Thursday, 16 August 2012

Plans for 2012-2013

I have finished our plans for 2012-2013
I have spent a lot of time thinking, praying & generally mulling this over :)

I have two daughters, aged 6 & 9. I think that our scriptures for memory work are rather short, as this year they have memorised much longer passages, so I most likely will update those through the year.

This is the year I decided to bit the bullet & go for a formal maths curriculum. So far we have used living maths & other resources, but no curriculum. Being hopeless at maths myself, I was worried about the girls having huge gaps in their knowledge.
My youngest, Rose, seems to be spot on, with grade level. Elianna is way ahead in some areas & way behind in others, so I have started her on G3 Math Mammoth. I am quite nervous about this formal curriculum, but really looking forward to it.

Without further ado, I present our gentle learning for the next year...

Plans 2012-2013

Daily read from ‘The Book For Children’ & each child to narrate

I will be looking to develop the following traits in myself & my girls J
Table manners
Mental effort & perseverance
Being punctual

Memory Work
Ps 145:3
Dan 2:20
Ps 23:1
Luke 1:30-31
Ps 9:2
John 20:29
1 John 4:19
Matt 6:9
Ps 119:105
Ps 69:34
Deut 4:39

Poetry – a poem per month by Christina Rossetti
How many seconds
Hope is Like a harebell
Oh Lady Moon
In the bleak mid-winter
January cold & desolate
The dog likes his kennel
Oh wind, where have you been
Boats sail on the river
There is but one May in the year
A pin has a head
What is pink?
Hurt no living thing
Hope is Like a harebell
Oh Lady Moon
In the bleak mid-winter
A motherless soft Lambkin
On the grassy banks
When the crows come home
There is but one May in the year
The city mouse
What is pink?

Artist Study
Waterlillies after 1916
Water lilies(Nympheas) 1907
Waterlillies 1916-19
Water lilies(Nympheas) 1916
London: Houses of parliament. The sun shining through the fog 1904
The Japenese bridge (part of a series of 236) 1899

Van Gogh:
Starry Night
Self portrait with straw hat
The Spinner
Still life with sunflowers
Autumn landscape with four trees

Dante Gabriel Rossetti:
The blessed damozel
Dante’s dream
Ecce Ancilla Domini
Lady Lilleth
Beata Beatrix

Composer Study
Benjamin Britten – Young persons guide to the orchestra
Sergei Prokofiev – Peter & the wolf
Paul Dukas – Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker
Handel: Water Music

Seasonal & Handcrafts
Celebrate the seasons & festivals of the year
Knitting mittens & hats
Ellie to knit bedsocks

Phonics & Reading
Keep revising phonics:
Ai, au, aw, ay, ea, ee, ei
Eigh, ew, ey, ie
Igh, oa, oe, oi,
Oo, ou, ough, ow
Oy, ui, er, ir
Ur, or, ear, our
Ed, ar, or
Ci, si, ti, sh
Dge, kn, ph, tch
Ch, ck, gn, ng, nk, th, wh, wr

Daily practice from ‘The Ordinary Parent’s Guide To Reading’
Daily quiet reading
Ellie to keep a reading notebook – 40 book challenge

Copy Work
Daily copywork – copy the current poem in cursive

Follow the program from Anne Elliot

Read a bilingual book each day (monthly selections)

Read the following Ruth Heller books:
Mine, All Mine! A book about pronouns
Kites Sail High : A book about verbs

Elianna: Math Mammoth 3

Elianna: The big book of Lively Latin Vol.1
Rummy Roots

Literature & Poetry
Pilgrim’s progress

Poetry Tea each fortnight.

The Story of The Greeks
The Story of The Romans

Arctic Circle
Arabian Desert
Switzerland (mountains)
China (rivers)
Africa (Grasslands)
Germany (river valley)

Review the continents
Memorise European countries
Creating/Working with maps

R.E.A.L.Science – Life (Human body / animals / botany)

Nature Study
Weekly nature walks & keeping a nature notebook

Out & About
Regular places we go – Brownies / Youthclub etc plus monthly field trips
Elianna's art lessons


DeliveringGrace said...

You've given me some interesting ideas. I particularly like the bilingual book idea.

Tari said...

My baby and last one at home just turned 16. He has been working with Dad this summer as a builder-carpenter. He loves it. I haven't set plans like yours for his school year but have a good idea what he'll be working on. Good to hear from you and what you've been up to. Say Hi to the girls for me.

Lynn said...

Tari! so lovely to hear from you!!!!!

16 - they grow too fast. That is a big mummy milestone

Lynn said...

Thanks Sarah!

Let me know if you use them too

Lisa said...

Hello dear friend!!! You haven't been on ravelry in ages, so I guess I'll catch up with you here! Praying you are well!

I miss you dearly!!!
Blessings and love,

Claire said...

I've just come across your blog while blog-hopping and have to say I'm loving your plans! So few people I know in the home-ed world in real life plan, but I NEED plans, so it is great when I see others who do. I love your character list, a couple of years back I did something similar and it really helped me focus on specific areas. I love also your 40 book challenge ... this may just be what I need to encourage one of mine to get back into books and another to stop keep reading her favourites over and over again!
Keep up the good work. I look forward to popping back again :)

Helen said...

Hi Lynn! I wondered if you and your daughters would each like to choose a colour for my Social Knitwork Scarf which I am making this year. I would be very honoured if you did. Anyone else reading this is also welcome to pick a colour.
Helen xx

Kirsty said...

Hope you are ok. I miss your posts. Hope you update soon!

Lynn said...

thank you to all for your sweet comments.

Unfortunately I rarely mske time to blog. The girls are older, so school takes up more time, I have 2 part time jobs & my 'free' time is devoted to spinning & knitting!!!

Must write soon...