Sunday, 9 September 2007

Our Curriculum

Here is our basic curriculum..

Number for us is all fun & games! We like to play a counting/jumping game with a large wooden dice. The girls throw the dice, the E counts the 'score' (with a little help from R!) then they both jump that amount of times. Lots of fun :)
We also have a Hundred Board. The girls have numbered counters, which E matches to the appropriate numbers on the board, & R pours onto the floor! I intend to use this board for skip counting at a later date.
Another fun manipulative, are our Geoboards. No formal instruction here, just lots of fun & creative exploration.
Last week we recieved two new maths manipulatives, which we havent tried yet. Cuisenaire Rods Read about Cuisenaire Rods Here.
Also we recieved Colour Tiles. They offer a wealth of activities to help learn pattern recognition, counting, place value, number facts, estimation, probability, geometry, and measurement.
We also use board games, dominos, beans etc etc. No workbook at the momment, just fun activities in real life.

For our book basket, we have some number stories..

Georges Store On The Seashore
One Hundred Hungry Ants
Math For All Seasons

Language Arts

E has her own Copywork Notebook, which is a treasured record of her developing writing skills. We begin each morning, by choosing a Sandpaper Letter, which E then traces with her finger. When she is happy with that, we move on to tracing in the salt box (which, as its name implies, is a box, filled with salt!) Then she can move on to copying the chosen letter (we call it 'sound') into her copywork notebook. She is required to copy 6 neat letters before we move on. Sometimes E illustrates her letter with pictures or stickers. Sometimes we glue a piece of string in the shape of the letter, or pasta, or crafty bits & bobs, you get the picture!
Throughout the day, we play 'I spy' & naming the sound that words begin with. We keep it fun!
We read LOTS of books. I have chosen Bob Books as our readers, but have only glanced at them, as yet.

Bible Study

A BIG part of our curriculum.
We use Leading Little Ones To God for our morning devotions. I would highly reccomend this book. It is beautifully written, each day expounding a truth about The Lord. we read snuggled up on the sofa, then pray & sing a hymn or Christian song.
For Bible study, we are working through the Bible, picking up on major stories & themes. We use the NIV (ours is pink!) & also the Day by Day Kids Bible.
I begin by asking E some questions about what we are about to read...then we read the scripture, & discuss it as necessary. A great tool I have found in teaching Bible is 1001 ways to introduce your child to the Bible. It has lots of songs, crafts, games & activities to help your child to remember & learn. a must-have!

An excellent 'method' or explaination of thorough Bible study can be found here atHeart Of Wisdom
this is a great site for maps, timlines & articles.
As well as our concordance, Bible atlas & dictionary, we find these books useful, too.

The kregel Pictoral Guide To The Story Of The Bible

The Kregel Pictoral Guide To The Bible

What the Bible Is All About For Young Explorers

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