Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Crafting Wednesday

Wednesday is a special day in our is Crafting Day! Not that we do not craft on other days...we are big on crafting...but Crafting Wednesday is a special day!
Each wednesday has its own theme..following the Christian Year & the seasons (for example, last week we celebrated Michealmas.) This week was Pumpkin Week! We read Pumpkin Pumpkin & discussed the pumpkins we had planted in our garden. (some, sadly became dinner for 'Seed Watcher' E's name for the field mouse who lives in our garden, the others are coming along a treat, after being wrapped up in netting!)
I also wove a fairytale about two girls who grew a magic pumpkin, made from orange jewels!
We then decorated teeny pumpkins with stickers.
Our afternoon is always completed with a special meal..We set the table nicely, with this service & we have a special dessert that the girls help me to was Peach & Raspberry Triffle. Yum!
Well, it is time to put R to bed, daddy has just bathed the girls, & they are waiting ;)

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