Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Bean Bag Maths

Each morning, we have a mini 'Circle Time' - toward the end of circle time we focus on counting & number games.
A while ago, I made beanbags with some pretty gingham fabric, lentils & some dried lavender & chamomile harvested from our garden.

we use these beanbags while we count, tossing the bags to each other & saying the required number as we throw.

We count 1-100
Skip count to 100 by 10's
Count 10-1

The girls love this activity. It is great for getting rid of the wiggles & is just plain fun!

Here is a link I found with other ideas for playing with beanbags.


Leah said...

What a great idea Lynn - you're so creative! Hope you're having a great week x

Lynn said...

thanks Leah! we are doing well

Michelle said...

I made some bean bags, too, but I just used mung beans that were past their use-by date...I never thought of putting nice smelling things inside! I also love the idea of using them to play maths games. Despite all the maths activity books I have, I'm struggling to fit maths games in. We do a fair amount of incidental and mental maths, but few games. I may try your idea. :)