Sunday, 29 March 2009

Plans for Holy Week

Palm Sunday:

Light the candle on our nature table.
Go for a Praise walk, followed by a picnic, weather permitting!
Marveling at the wonders of nature are prayers of praise. As we walk outdoors, we can reflect upon the Lord's creation & praise God for giving us a world that meets our needs.

Light the nature table candle daily.

Good Friday:

Light our candle
Bake & eat (!) Hot cross buns
At 3pm blow out our candle, followed by a quiet hour of reflection.
(We have a quiet hour daily, where everyone goes to their own room. For this hour, we will stay together, but they must play quietly & their 'prayer' buckets will be available & I will be praying, reading my Bible, reflecting.)

Easter Saturday

Dying eggs
Laying our our new easter clothes

Easter Sunday

discover ' alleluia' on our nature table
Family over for sunday tea (we always bake an easter egg cake, adapting this recipe
Easter egg hunt

Our holy week Jesse Tree will be as follows:

Sunday: Palm Sunday - Matthew 21. A palm branch.

Monday: Cleansing the temple - Mark 11. A whip.

Tuesday: Jesus anointed - John 12. A small beaded box.

Wednesday: Judas plots - Matthew 26. A bag with silver coins.

Thursday: The Last Supper - Luke 22. A loaf of bread and a cup.

Friday: Crucifixion - Luke 23. A cross.

Saturday: Mystery Saturday - I Peter 3:18-22. No ornament.

Sunday: HE IS RISEN! - Mark 16. A clay tomb - empty.

Monday: The marriage supper of the Lamb - Revelation 19. A placemat with gold & silverware.


Helen said...

Hi Lynn, Lovely ideas and lots of food for thought as usual; thank you. We're having some holiday time from homeschool at the moment and are in the last throes of preparing (i.e. decorating / tidying / cleaning!)the house to be sold ready to move to Kent. I've been so caught up in all the hurly burly that your Blog really took me by surprise when I suddenly realised that it is Palm Sunday today and not next week !!!! Lol! (Can't believe it wasn't mentioned at church this morning!!) Hx

Helen said...

Hello again - dh has just informed me that it is not Palm Sunday today and therefore no surprise it wasn't mentioned at church this morning! I think the effort of all this cleaning and tidying is obviously taking its toll on me and I clearly need to go and lie down for a bit! Lol! Hx

Lynn said...

Helen, you had me rushing to my calendar then with horror! LOL!
you need to take a long soak in a nice bubble bath :)
Moving house is *very* hard work

Jeanne said...

I like Easter in your home...Can I come?

Lynn said...

we would love to have you :)

Jeanne said...

Dear Lynn,

Hope you and your family are having a safe, happy and Blessed Easter! According to your schedule, your fam, like mine, will by dying eggs today!