Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Tentative New Post...

I miss my blog!
I miss reading & responding to all the lovely comments left for me. I made some great friends via the blogging world. But at the same time, blogging takes time!
So, cautiously, I am beginning my blog again.

The last year has brought some great challenges for my family. I am very tired now. Very tired! But I am delighted to be in the new place that I am.

The changes have caused me to re-think a lot of things, including our education plans. And it is with great delight that I have met with an old friend - Miss Charlotte Mason!

We are nearing the end of our first week 'Charlotte Mason Style'. A week beset with illness & appointments & other interruptions that would normally reduce this home-bird to a quivering wreck. However, our easy pace, short lessons & wonderful read alouds have wrapped beautifully around our family life, like the sumptuous wrappings around an expensive gift.


I soon shall be posting our plans for the first 'term' of school. We actually began back in September, but have decided to plan our books etc counting this as our first week.

I also would like to share the following quote, which has really got me thinking:

‎"In this way: give your a child a single valuable idea, and you have done more for his education than if you had laid upon his mind the burden of bushels of information."

Vol 1, Part V Lessons As Instruments Of Education, p.174
The Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte


Summer said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you're back! I've kept your blog on my Google Reader all this time. We made your Harvest Pumpkin Cake on the night of the harvest moon this year. I hope that you get the rest you need soon.

Lynn said...

ahh, thank you Summer!
It is so lovely to hear from you : )

I hope your cake was *good!*

I am tired, but I do not have the mental & emotional pressure that had become the norm, so, despite the exhaustion I feel on top of the world : )

Franbles said...

Welcome back! SO glad you've decided to blog a little more again. God bless you!

Lynn said...

Thank you so very much, Sarah

stefndawniy said...

good to see you blogging :-) the idea of things wrapping around your family life is lovely :) xx

barefoot in gitchigumee said...

ye ha! Hi Lynn, oh how I have missed you, been to long:) Keep the posts and reports coming! xo Jayna

Lisa said...

Hello dear friend! I do love Charlotte Mason as well...praying that you have a wonderfully fruitful year. I know what it's like to change direction, but we can do things like when the Lord leads. Sorry to hear there were some health issues in your home. Here, too, but all is well now and we're looking forward to Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend! Wish you could come! :(


Jen said...

Lynn! You're back! How fun to find this post on my blog roll! I had saved you on there because your wonderful circle time posts from Grade 1 would be helpful to new waldorf mommas. And I am excited to follow along with your CM plans. I know how organized and what a perfectionist you are, so how ever little or much you post will be enjoyed by your readers!

Hugs and say hi to your little girlies from mine!


Jackie said...

Welcome back. We were Charlotte Mason people, and gained a lot from Ambleside Online, as well as the original Charlotte Mason books.
Now my two are at school, and I miss my read alouds and my history 'living books'.

Clare said...

Welcome back from me too! I've kept reading your archives and am genuinely a little bit excited that you'll be blogging again, lol, especially as we're doing lots of CM too (although reading your posts always made me feel v covetous of Waldorf, and I really like the Parenting Passageway which I think I got from here). Anyway, yey!

Helen said...

Welcome back Lynn :) Missed you :)

Jeanne said...

Yay - just found you back again. So glad, my friend. You were my first blogging pal, Lynn :)