Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Holy Week Plans

Easter 2008

In All Year Round, the authors speak of Lent as a time of renewal, in gathering forces needed to meet the vital renewal of our daily lives. The quiet mood of Lent will be deepened in our home over the Holy week, the week leading up to Easter.

Story for the week: “The Story Of The Great Stone” (Stories for The Festivals Of The Year)

Verse: At Easter Time (Stories for The Festivals Of The Year)

Let our trust in God become
Like the good earth, firm & strong.

As the water, rising & falling,
Let God’s life be always flowing.

Our Voices carry through the air.
Softly withing, God’s call is heard.

Fire gives warmth, fire gives light.
God’s love burns within our heart.

In all the elements, God is there
Bringing new life, everywhere.

Palm Sunday
~ Light a candle on our nature table
~Go for a praise walk, followed by a picnic (weather permitting!)~Marveling at the wonders of nature are prayers of praise. As we walk outdoors, we can reflect upon the Lords creation & praise God for giving us a world that meets our needs.

~ Bake date bread & make palm crosses as gifts
~ Sew grass seeds in a bowl of earth

Light the nature table candle daily.

Holy Thursday
~Purchase Easter lillies
~Read John 13:1-5

Good Friday
Light our candle
Bake & eat hot cross buns
~ Read “The Story Of The Great Stone” (Stories for The Festivals Of The Year)
At 3pm blow out our candle, followed by a quiet hour of reflection
(I give my children their prayer journals, coloured pencils & their picture Bibles, they can draw prayers to the Lord, Illustrate the story we read or look at their Bibles.)

Easter Saturday
“A quiet day, a day of Waiting” The Parenting Passageway
Dying Eggs
Laying out new easter clothes
Cooking for the feast tomorrow
In secret, make a few butterflies to hand over the dining room table for Easter Morning - I love this magical idea from The Parenting Passageway


Carrie said...

What lovely ideas, Lynn! So inspiring!

Lynn said...

thank you Carrie!

Jen said...

Very nice, as always Lynn! You're such an inspiration!

Jen said...

Hey Lynn! I left you something special at my blog :D


joc4jesus said...

Where are you Lynn? Missing your online presence. Hope all is well with you and yours.