Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Goal for Knitting & Spinning

I keep an inspiration book. A very simple book, into which I glue any photographs, clippings from magazines, ribbons, anything that inspires me!
I have a lot of nature photographs in there & the one that keeps catching my eye is the photograph at the top of this blog post.
Isnt he a sweetheart!

Earlier this year I purchased a wonderful silver shetland fleece from Jamiesons. It is the softest, cuddliest fibre & I have high hopes for that fleece!

My plan is to make a Seamless Yoke jumper using Elizabeth Zimmermann's Percentage System. To the yoke of the jumper, I would like to add some simple fair isle detail, inspired by - wait for it! - the colours of the wee robin!
So the body of the jumper will be a soft grey & the fair isle a combination of deeper grey, browns, off white & that glorious deep red - orange.

The fleece has patches of charcoal grey - I am combing the fleece right now - a laborious but worthwhile task. Once combed, I plan to drum card the lighter fibre with the darker fibre to get an even blend of light grey. Some of the fibre will be set aside to dye in the browns & red - orange.

Resources I will be using to help me are as follows:

Knitting in the Old Way

Knitting without Tears

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop

Knitting around: or Knitting without a License

Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting

'till next time : )


Jeanne said...

I love English robins! Your jumper sounds beautiful. Can't wait to see it competed!

Lynn said...

thank you Jeanne!

& if you never see it here - let us never speak of *it* again ; )


Lisa said...

Hi Lynn,
Well, even if you never finish the project, I just love the process of the inspiration behind it. Really nice color combination on your birdie. I love finding interesting combinations like that. I keep thinking of something in chartreuse and a taupey-gray.

Lynn said...

oh, I love the sound of that Lisa : )

How about a dash of pink, too?!