Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowy Days & Knitting....

We are having a super time in the snow : )

We went to the park with the sons of my friend.

We stayed for a couple of hours, then headed home to a roaring fire, hot chocolate & warm blankets : )
The afternoon was spent in a very leisurely fashion - we all played a game of Wii, I knitted, we watched Cat in the Hat & The Puissance at The Olympia Horse Show
The girls made up a game all about the horses at Olympia & they spent a l-o-n-g time working on drawing their own maps. (These books always get them going!)

I have finally finished Elianna's Christmas jumper!

I am so pleased to have it finished in time : ) Rosie's was done a while ago (did I post pics of Rosie's owl jumper???)

This morning so far has brought - a new friend:

- A delicious scoured Shetland fleece, brought down from the attic, that I shall be spending the next few days combing, ready to spin for a jumper for one of the girls.

& the delicious smell of roasting chicken wafting through the house : )

I fully intend to take advantage of this enforced hibernation to relax & spend quiet, happy moments with my husband & girls before the busyness of 'the week before Christmas' kicks in : )


Helen Jacobs-Grant said...

Hi Lynn

such gorgeous photographs and a truly heartwarming blog entry from your special family moments

Happy Christmas week to you all :)

((((( hugs ))))))

Jumper is fantastic, you must have the patience of a saint to get through such intricate work so quickly.

Really hope we can meet up in the new year, you are such an amazing Mum and friend Lynn

Helen xx

Lynn said...

ahhh, thank you Helen


Jen said...

Hi Lynn! What a beautiful post! I am so glad to see you back to blogging when time permits :)

I just sent you the gift of light on my blog :) You can see the link here:

You are a dear soul, Lynn, and I am truly blessed to have you and your lovely girls in my life (and my girls!)


Sherry Gann said...

Beautiful post--love those snowmen!
I would love for you to consider participating in my new monthly photo meme: Nature Connections. :)