Friday, 6 June 2008

Creating an art box for children

Creativity is a huge part of our lives & encouraging creativity in my little ones features high up on my list of priorities. Allowing my children to be free to explore the creative process is something I strive for. We are created in the image of God,  The greatest artist, therefore i believe the need to create is in all of us. Whether that need is squashed or fostered is another matter entirely. I would love to have a room dedicated purely to the creation of art, however, we just do not have the space. We do have a cupboard in the dining room, which, rather grandly, we call 'our art cupboard'. In there are stored our many art materials. I still felt, however, that the materials where still not readily available. We also have an old welsh dresser in our dining room. On here, you will find a ceramic bowl filled with rainbow-hued mini books & a pot of colouring pencils. The girls are free to help themselves... but I still didnt feel it was enough.
Enter the 'art boxes'
I purchased two artist's supply boxes & have had the greatest fun in selecting items to fill these boxes.
Here is the list of items I have chosen:
~Ferby coloured pencils
~ferby pencil
~Pearlised paint dabbers
~Stamp pads & ink
~Fancy-edged scissors
~offcuts of pretty papers
~Tissue papers

So, here is a box, my girls can grab, as & when they feel like creating, each one tailored subtley to their own personality. Pictured here is 5 yo's art box.

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Clare said...

Hi Lynn, thought you might like to know I've just bought a couple of those boxes on Amazon, am really excited about filling them up! Sorry you've moved blogs but really pleased you're leaving this one up - it's a genuine treasure trove. Thank you :)