Sunday, 15 June 2008

Making mini books

A while back, I began to make mini books for the girls. These have been a great hit! They are very easy to make, simply take a rectangle of coloured cardstock & some sheets of white paper (cut a tiny bit smaller than the cardstock. This way they wont stick out of the cover when the book is closed) Fold in half, to make the spine of the book. (you may wish to go over the crease with a bone folder) Then either stitch or staple together.
We store ours in a glazed pot along with a tub of coloured pencils on our dresser. The accesibility means they are often used, rather than forgotten about. R's books contain joyful scribbles & pictures of family & pets, whilst E's books have become theme books, in which she follows a thread of interest in each individual book. Her current book is her "Bee Book"
Right, off to 'cook up another batch' ;)

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