Friday, 24 October 2008

Autumn Nature Table

Here you can see our gnomes looking after our autumn squash. Also in this pic are some of our feathers (E collects feathers) plus some fungus (artist fungus, earth ball & amethyst deceiver)

Here we have 'All year Round' by Elsa Beskow, turned to the October pages, our carved mushrooms & a bowl of acorns & conkers.

A couple of the whole table

Our little guys again :)


Karen (Rosesandtea) said...

I love the nature table! Before I saw the comment under the second picture I thought, that looks like an Elsa Beskow book! I haven't got that one yet, might be a good one for Christmas. Autumn is such a great time for nature study - things don't wither too fast! :)

Lynn said...

I really like Elsa Beskow books (& so do the girls, of course!) This is a lovely one. Gorgeous, simple pictures.