Wednesday, 15 October 2008

D is for Dinosaur

Our preschool week. R is so keen to keep up with her big sister, that i decided to do some 'preschool' with her. She has her own notebook, the kind with a clear plastic pocket on the front. R is very proud of her book, it has her name printed on the front & a photograph of herself, too :)

We are working our way through the alphabet, one letter per week. We also have a number of the week & either a shape or colour of the week. This all goes on R's learning poster, which is displayed on our living room wall. (this idea is adapted from the learning poster atLetter of the Week Next week will be 'd' week, with 3 & diamonds being our number & shapes of the week.

Not all the activities are pre-school level; some of the activities are for my older daughter.

Here are our planned activites
a 'd' template (we only use the lowercase) to cut out & mount on cardstock. R will use a cork from an old wine bottle to decorate the cardsock with printed 'dots'
We will be reading lots of dinosaur books, including this one
a dinosaur colouring page
A dinosaur bone hunt. I have made some cardstock 'bones' for the kids to hunt (I plan to hide them in the garden if the weather is fine.
Sort all the diamonds from a pack of playing cards
Make diamonds on our geoboards
Draw diagonal lines
Letter sort: d's from b's : print onto cardstock, cut into squares & fix to straws. Sort into 2 different cups (labeled 'd' & 'b')
Adding 'd' pictures to R's ABC notebook (dog, duck, etc)

Food: Dinosaur Dinner:
dinosaur legs (chicken drumsticks)
dinosaur eggs (peas)
Rocks & trees (chopped potatoes & broccoli)

Dinosaur poo! (mars bar cakes)

Veggies & Dip

Bible: We are reading through this book:

Philippians 2:14:
Do all things without murmurings and disputings

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