Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What's a homeschool mum to do....

...when she finds a rather large frog in the middle of the road, whilst driving to her mother in law's house at gone 7pm at night?
Why, put him in her handbag, of course, bring him home & get the eldest child out of bed to see him:

We spent a happy hour with afore mentioned frog. He in a bug jar, complete with an inch of pond water & a rock to sit on, us girls with our nature journals & pencils. He has now been released into our garden pond, although was last sighted, dancing in the rain on our lawn :)
(please excuse the terrible photo!)

Tailless amphibian - Smooth skin

Tends to jump not walk

Horizontal ovoid pupil

Dorsal surface and flanks, Very variable in colour, typically yellowish brown, brown but may be olive green coloured and some individuals have a reddish or yellow appearance. Variably spotted or striped.

Ventral surface, Males, dirty white or pale yellow, speckled with grey or brown; females pale yellow to orange

The most consistent markings are the dark patch behind the eye and the strong barring on the hind limbs.

Length: 6 - 9 cm


Jeanne said...

That's right - you had no choice! I mean, really!

(I'd have done the same thing!!)

Lynn said...

Exactly :)