Friday, 7 November 2008

Family Art Gallery

I recently began the idea of our own 'family gallery'. Nothing grand, as you see, but I had begun collecting stacks of clothes the girls wore when they were younger, that I could not bear to part with. Then I came across the idea of mounting a circle of the fabric in an embroidery hoop & displaying it on the wall. Perfect! (I still have too many items of childrens clothing in my attic, though. But Im working on it!) I have also begun to display special pictures the girls have draw or painted. Their faces light up to see their artwork framed & on the wall! It is such a boost to them, & I love to see their work...& I *know* that, as they get older, how precious it will be to see their first efforts. This is a wall that will grow...& spread. I love it!

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