Sunday, 23 November 2008

Stir Up Sunday

I began to knit my i-cord last night, which will hopefully make it's way to our Christmas tree. This morning, E decided to french knit a chain for the tree, too. Hmmmm, I wonder whose will be finished first?!? - will have to update with pics tomorrow

I also changed the beds over to flannel today. This usually gets done on Martinmas, but was overlooked this year, but the sudden cold snap prompted the change today, all ready for snuggling up into tonight.

And finally! Stir up Sunday is here! so with our favourite Christmas music playing in the background, we began our baking :)

Well, this has been a very busy day. But, now the children are sleeping, the Christmas cake is baking slowly in the oven. The pudding is resting, ready to be steamed tomorrow & I am about to make myself a cup of chamomile & spiced apple tea, & continue with my i-cord.

To see more about Stir Up Sunday, & find our recipes, see this post


Jeanne said...

Okay, I give in...what's an i-cord thingumijig then?

Jeanne said...


The suspense is killing me!! (or as we say in our family, "The suspenders are killing me!!)

Mama Kautz said...

is that Plum Pudding???? I am not sure how I found you blogfrog I think???? My mom is from where you are.....the blogging world can be so small

Lynn said...

Hello Katey, the photo's are actually of our Christmas cake, but we did make christmas pudding too, (which is also called plum pudding)
here is a link to a post with the traditions & recipes