Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Taste of Summer

We have been making the most of the summer sun here in the last few days.
Our day today was filled with reading, talking about our faith in the Lord, tasting good food:

Being inspired:

Reading from our Bible & journaling about it.


Planning more knitting

Getting wet:

And more stories.

We are outdoors as much as possible when the sun shines, I like to sit in the shade of our magnolia tree. I get far too hot otherwise. We had a happy day....I hope you did too.


Helen said...

Hmmm, that water melon looks delicious! Beautiful photos too. I'm curious about your knitting planning - how does that work? Is it like a graph or a cross stitch chart maybe? I'm a knitting novice still so this is a bit of an eye-opener to me!

Leah said...

Looks like a perfect day - gotta make the most of our English sunsine, we're loving the outdoors too!!

Lynn said...

Helen, if you follow the link that says 'planning more knitting' it takes you to another blog, showing an article about The Birch Shawl. At the bottom of the article, are clickable links for the Lace chart for the shawl. This is a printout of that chart. I have coloured it in to help my eye follow it...I am not good with black & white charts!
Here are a couple of links to help you learn about charts:

Lynn said...

oh, yes Leah...its qhite overcast, this morning & forecast for rain at the weekend

Michelle said...

We've been soaking up the sun as well. :) Your blog looks great; lovely photos.

Helen said...

Thanks for the knitting planning links, Lynn. I will explore this whole new world this evening!

Jeanne said...

The photo that you've used as your header is just gorgeous. Don't forget to print yourself a hard copy!

It looks like you had a lovely tranquil summer day - I'm glad the weather is being good to you this year...

Clare said...

Hi Lynn,

That looks like a perfect day. I love your child's expression in the second photo - it's brilliant when we can capture them like that :)

Melissa said...

Looks like a wonderfully perfect day! So glad you are enjoying your summer.

Blessings, Melissa