Sunday, 22 November 2009

Happy Stir Up Sunday!

How was your day?
Here is a peek at ours...


Jeanne said...

Looks wonderful!

We're reversing tradition this year. The house was decorated this past weekend, and stir-up Sunday will be next week.

Confused? We just thought it would be nicer to be with all the extended family for our big baking day, and so we've planned that for next weekend. Because of that we'll be away and won't have time for tree trimming!! (Do you remember how ill my mum was last Stir Up Sunday?)

Our house is looking lovely though - it really puts me in the spirit of Christmas! Oh, the book basket is out as well! Hurrah!

Lynn said...

oh, Jeanne I do remember. How quickly thtis year has passed by.

Have fun next weekend - what are you baking?