Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bonfire Night

Thursday is painting day, so following circle time, we set up for wet on wet.

I told a story about the the blue sky being gentle & shy & the wee stars wanting to shine out (we used dry brushed to 'lift' areas of the blue wash)
Then came the colour fairies, who danced & played with the stars - here we added our colour.
Elianna shouted "I know! I'ts fireworks!" Hurray! she got it : )
Lastly, we experimented with sprinkling our work with salt. This 'lifts' the colour & gave the appearance of tiny stars.

At lunchtime, we jumped into the car & headed off to the girls riding lessons, enjoying a 'car picnic' along the way.
We returned home cold & wet -(myself included, as I managed to fall into a puddle - flat on my face!)

The girls had a hot bath & daddy built our very own bonfire -

The girls roasted marshmallows & I got on with some special knitting.

Dinner was super - mashed potatoes, salmon & delicious young leeks from a neighbours garden.

The sound of distant fireworks lured my girls outside (dressing gowns & all!) & we watched the fine colours in the night sky. Soon followed by our long - held tradition of sparklers - in - the - garden! Accompanied, of course, by home made treacle toffee.

We had a lovely day. I had low expectations of today; I have been ill recently & have become tired & run down. But this afternoon was a good tonic for me- easy, comfortable family time. Just what the doctor ordered : )


Becky said...

What a lovely day. Sorry to hear you fell over!!! I hope you all sleep well tonight!!!

Lynn said...

thank you, Becky!
another fall!
what is happening to me!!???

Jen said...

Oh I just loved this post! Your pictures were timeless, between your gorgeous fireplace and your daughters walking the streets with fun sparklers! I felt like I was swept away - You captured magic with this post...and I do hope you feel better and sorry about the fall in the puddle. Glad the fire warmed you up again! Your wet on wet painting was lovely & I am so enjoying following your blog!

Lynn said...

oh, thank you Jen for such an encouraging comment.

Hannah said...

Lovely post Lynn :o) I was wondering about using salt when we tried out wet on wet painting this week. Really enjoying your blog - thank you for sharing.

Lynn said...

Thank you Hannah!

Kelly said...

What a lovely Guy Fawkes celebration. Hope you are feeling better now. Lovely paintings too.

Lynn said...

thank you Kelly.
Feeling a lot better, now, thank you