Tuesday, 29 December 2009

January Plans

As I mentioned in my last post, there will be no school for the first week of January.
Despite the fact that I have my plans all neatly written out, I have a bit of a panic at this time of year - a vague sense of ' I dont know what I am doing!' I think it relates to us having had the whole of December off regular 'school' - although we maintain circle time, we switch to baking, gift making & card making.
So back to school in January is somewhat of a shock!
I spent time this morning reading over my plans for January & printing out our circle time hymn, verses & songs to put in my little 'Verses Book" that I carry around.
I also planned out what I would like to achieve during our holiday - yes, even our holiday time has structure. I find it works best this way, otherwise the temptation of the television is too much!

Here is my list:

Daily walks in the woods - During school time, our daily walks take us to a local park - which is very pretty - but on days with no school, we have more time to wander that little bit further into the woodland.

"French Day" - We are learning French, so it will be super to cook a traditional French meal for Dinner. We can decorate the table with French flags the girls have coloured & toast our meals 'à la française' - À votre santé : )

Blackboard Fun - the girls can be let loose with chalks on Mummy's blackboard - this is truly an honor!

Play Games We have some lovely games & puzzles A morning spent palying them together with no other tasks will be a lot of fun!

Face Paints I shall strip the girls & let them at each other with face paints : )
A lovely warm sudsy bath will follow : )

An afternoon curled up on the sofa with books & hot chocolate no further explaination needed : )

I hope to be able to take some time this week to work on our second grade plans for September.......but that is another post altogether : )


Michelle said...

I like to plan our time off, too. This is our week 'off' and we're spending it playing math games, reading poetry and math stories, doing easy cross stitch, baking, doing art, and other fun stuff.

Have a lovely week off! :)

Lynn said...

you too, Michelle, that sounds a fun week : )

Jen said...

Look at you, Lynn! My goodness - you are efficient and so organized :D

Your plans sound wonderful & I, too, feel that bit of tension at gearing up after so much formal time off. But I think all our girls had a wonderful holiday season and their little beings are full of wonder and magic. I've been slowly gearing up with short days of form drawing this week in anticipating of returning to more formal learning times next week. We're starting maths in Jan, so I've got to get my plans more laid out now...I'll have to check your labels for some suggestions - :D I love what you do, Lynn and I so look forward to our discussion very soon, though I admit, I definitely am not as organized as you, mamma! You're amazing!

Lynn said...

youwont find much maths here - we havent done a proper maths block since we switched to waldorf - & our math block is after yours so i will be picking your brains he he : )