Saturday, 19 December 2009

Of Snowmen, Sausage Rolls, Stollen & Sewing

The snow came down even heavier today & was much enjoyed by my girls.
Aided by Daddy, they made a tiny snowman named Luke.

Daddy picked the Holly berries for his eyes & buttons : )

Two very proud girls!

Here you see him sporting a bow tie!

At this point the girls came in & had a warming lunch - home made potato & leek soup & warm apple juice. Quiet time was abandoned in honor of this special day & whilst Rosie came to help in the kitchen, Elianna went outside to play with her snowman. Her you can see 'Princess Leah' that she made to keep Luke company ; )

Rosie & I busied ourselves in the kitchen, baking our usual 'Saturday Loaves'. We also made some Sausage Rolls to freeze ahead, ready for Christmas & a loaf of seasonal Stollen as a special treat for tomorrow's breakfast.

A tired & cold Elianna joined us for our weekly 'Pizza & movie night' & disaster struck - down came the rain - cold & bitter.
Luke & Leah were offered protection:

But, we had to face the fact that rain does not bode well for those of snow origin...

My poor, poor girl. Her heart truly broken. My girls are always tucked up in their beds by 7pm - tonight, Rosie went alone & Elianna & I cosied up on my bed - she with her spinning, I with my knitting. We chatted & cried &, eventually, laughed.
Then I remembered the wee surprise I had tucked away as a Christmas gift Girls' Best Book of Knitting, Sewing, and Embroidery by Virginie Desmoulins

This is a lovely little book that I would encourage you to take a look at, if you have daughters who are interested in crafting.
I made my excuses & nipped off to retrieve the book from its hiding place. Oh, you should have seen the smiles & the curiosity when I presented the book to my daughter!
The cover of the book actually has a cardboard Dolly that you 'pop out' of the cover - & lots of lovely ideas inside the book for making clothes for her, along with many other wonderful embroidery, knitting & sewing projects.

At 9pm a very tired, but much more peaceful Elianna went to bed, taking with her the new book. As i kissed her goodnight, she asked to have the lamp left on, so she could browse the book for a while before she went to sleep. It is so wonderful to connect with my child over a shared hobby. I love the times we knit, spin, sew & craft together.

It is good for the soul.

Goodnight & wishing you sweet, creative dreams : )


Pussnae said...

What a nice way to comfort a child. So hard to lose something she worked so hard on. The little snow people look very cute huddled under the umbrella!

~paige said...

Hi Lynn :)
I just love your posts, they're so preciouse and I love the things you do with your beautiful daughters :) I am getting ready to do a painting of one of your daughters from a picture on here (like mom told you about on Ravelry) I just love your pictures. I will do the one of her biting into a slice of watermelon! Yum! :) I'll talk to you later, Merry Christmas!!!

Jen said...

Awwww...Lynn what a beautiful post. I smiled, laughed (at seeing the snow people under the umbrella), then felt sad at the thought of your little ones feeling sorrowful emotions over the loss of their little snow buddies. It's hard, isn't it. But I came out joyful again with your mention of the bonding between you and your daughter over crafting. Well done! I will have to check out that book so thanks for the rec! Happy holidays, Lynn - many more snowmaking days ahead!

Lynn said...

Thank you Jane. It rained a lot before I went to bed & Luke lost his head : (
However, this morning I have awoken to new snow & it is still softly falling...
New possibilities

Lynn said...

Thank you, Paige. I am so honored that you would want to paint my photo's - I love the watermelon one, too!
Please may I see it when you are done?
Merry Christmas to you! Please say hello to your mum!

Lynn said...

thank you for your comments. She has such intense feelings over this snowman. It was really hard last night, knowing the right thing to do/say. But it turned out to be for good - those couple of hours were worth gold to me as a mother.
Do have a look at the book, if you can. Miss Elianna really rates it! LOL!

Jeanne said...

Luke and his Princess look very handsome/lovely indeed!

I love that book! We're going to use if for handwork next year. Should be fun!

Lynn said...

oh, I would love to know how you get on Jeanne