Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Another Snow Day...

Scenes from our day...

In the garden:

The girls play house

One of the Fairy houses, all covered in snow

By the fire:
The girls playing & creating in the glow of the fire

I am busily working on 'Gail', which has now become a work in progress for my MIL, who will be having a hip replacement op very soon. I hope to have this done for her to take with her to the hospital, to give her a touch of home & comfort.

Not great photos, but I hope to put up a picture when it is finished & blocked.



Jen said...

What a beautiful post, Lynn! Your garden is to die for! I'm looking for the Tomten prints in all that snow :D

And the fairy house is so inviting. Of course, I LOVE the shot of Rosie by the fireplace playing so peacefully ~ just magical! I wish I was there to enjoy a warm cup of tea or cocoa with you. Gail looks amazing - can't wait to see it when finished. And I hope your MIL's surgery goes well. We'll keep her in our thoughts & prayers.

Oh, and Charely asked me today, "Wait a minute! Did we forget about our penpals?" So she is excited and rearing to go and we're going to get something in the mail this week. We picked up a special nature treasure from our hike over the weekend. I'll email you when it's on its way!

Enjoy the warmth of your fire and lovely home,
Hugs! Jen

Leah said...

Happy New Year Lynn - blessings to you and your house!

Anonymous said...

Lynn, it all looks so wonderful! We have had two days of 36 degrees C! I am wanting just a little bit of your snow - lol.
Blessings in Christ

Lynn said...

Jen, my girls are *very* excited too : )
thank you for your prayers, dear friend.

Leah! thank you so very much!

Shirley - oh, dont you worry - you will soon have plenty of snow in bonny Scotland! LOL!