Saturday, 10 March 2007

Observing Nature

E & I went out into the garden, whilst baby R & daddy napped :)
Earlier in the day we had bought a Cherry tree, & we needed to soak the roots before it could be planted. E went straight over to check on her frogspawn. (We have an established water feature in an old, half barrel) E was extremely excited & began to jump up & down, 'They are growing, they are growing!' She observed that the perfectly spherical black dot in the centre of the jelly had begun to change shape, ever so slightly, into a 'bottom-heavy oval'
Now, I was just as excited that our frogspawn is doing well, but most exciting was the fact that my daughter is *learning from her own observations*
Why is this important to me? Well, it shows me that she is really observing the world around her..taking notice. Information that we learn ourselves, as opposed to being taught, is the information we will retain for a lifetime.
After observing the frogspawn, she wandered off & found another ladybird, which promptly flew off her hand, straight into the pond. Quickley, E rescued it, & was able to see it 'playing dead' (a ladybird's protections from it's predators) ~We had a smashing hour out in the garden today, enjoying God's amazing creation.
Hopefully tomorrow we will get fine weather so we can plant our Cherry Tree & also some sunflowers.

Sunrise: 06.35
Sunset: 18.03

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