Sunday, 11 March 2007

Our Cherry Tree

E, Baby R & I all got out into the garden this afternoon. We planted our Cherry tree in a huge ceramic pot, in a favourable position. The type of cherry (Stella) has a semi-dwarf rootstock, so combined with being grown in a container, it should not get too big.
We also planted some carrots (thumbelina) which are wonderful for children, being small, sweet & round! Looking forwards to harvesting those:) We also managed to plant a couple of dwarf sunflowers in tiny pots to have outside the children's playhouse, but then ran out of compost. Ah well! We had lots of muddy fun ;)
We checked on our frogspawn...still appears to be fine. Then it was time to get washed up for dinner. We are currently reading a book called 'The Frog's Diary' which is making for enlightening is written over the course of a year, from the veiwpoint of a frog keeping his own diary of events. The children love it, even Baby R :)


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