Thursday, 16 April 2009

April Nature Table

Sorry for the poor photographs!
Here is our nature table, now we have cleared away the Jesse Tree.
We have the 'April' page open in Around the Year.
There are a couple of branches on there, a beautiful oyster shell, our wee dandelion & daffodil flower fairies, two root children & our little gnomes. Centre stage is a birds nest, filled with wooden eggs & 2 tin butterflies

What is on your nature table?


Helen said...

It looks great - really Scandinavian! Hx

Lynn said...

ooh, thanks, Helen!

joc4jesus said...

Hey it looks fab; just wondering about the gnomes and how they fit with Christianity. I've been making them for Ed but I have an uneasy feeling that we might get excommunicated or something. But surely it's okay 'cos it's just pretend, right?!?! Thoughts on this subject would be much appreciated.

Lynn said...

Hi Jo
It's one of those 'hot topics' I Father Christmas.
IMO, & I can only speak for my own family, it is a fun thing. Like fairy tales. My girls know that the Lord created the heavens & earth & all that is contained within. we tell stories of how the root children wake up the plants etc. It is a fairy tale to them. (Having said that, they believe in fairies & that God made them, too!)