Monday, 13 April 2009


A busy garden day today.
We caught a cream spotted ladybird & had a quick look at the little fellow. Then we headed off to the garden centre to buy an apple tree.

Underneath we planted Yarrow, Wood Anemone & White Campion.
We also planted Borage (in a pot, as it is quite an invasive plant) Thumbelina Carrots & Sunflowers. We also planted some potatoes I had been chitting for a while.

We later caught a Peacock butterfly which has reminded me to chop some fresh orange & leave on a bird feeder in the garden to attract butterflies.

All this has been recorded in E's garden notebook - our current project. We have had a lovely day. Chilled, but hard work.
I am off to make dinner: Cheesy cauliflower pasta. & then enjoy a relaxed evening knitting socks :)
Have a great day.


Michelle said...

Lovely. We saw a peacock butterfly today, too. :)

Helen said...

Wow, I love that picture of the butterfly on the orange!

Lynn said...

thanks, Michelle & Helen

Julie said...

I enjoyed the post, but am commenting to say - I knit socks too!! I love them - lovely to wear and great projects to drag around with you!! Any chance of some pictures?

Lynn said...

ah, Julie, a fellow sock knitter! Yes, I must post some pics...