Friday, 17 April 2009

Nature Hunt

I made these eggbox nature boxes a while ago, but cant remember who to credit for the original idea -sorry!

The girls went out into the garden this morning with their boxes, to hunt for the colours in their boxes, out in the garden.

They each filled their boxes very quickly. (sorry, the pics arent too clear)

This afternoon, they will be sticking their finds onto some cardstock & adding to their garden notebooks. Then, they will be matching their found items with paint chips that i picked up free of charge from the DIY shop.
They can cut out the correct shade from the chip & paste it onto their cardstock, if they wish to.
another variation on this is to give each child one paint chip & send them off to see what they can find outdoors that matches the paint chip. This activity really encourages the child to notice subtilties of colour, as opposed to thinking something is just 'green' (for example)


Michelle said...

Love this idea...may have to do this. We've got lots of paint chips. Great post! :)

Lynn said...

thanks, Michelle!

Laura Lee said...

Great idea--love that they can easily carry a paint chip or two on a longer nature walk and have something to share with everyone when we get home.

Lynn said...

thanks! it is fun to try it with a homeschool group & each child to have a different coloured paint chip.