Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Beauty of Maths

This week I will be telling the girls the story of "The Fairy Tree of Evens"
This is a wonderful activity I have gleaned from the files section of the wonderful waldorfhomeeducators yahoo group.

My tree has been painted onto a glass door in my dining room. Oh, this was fun! I used brown, gold, red, orange & yellow paints.

the Fariy Tree is a place where fairies like to go about with a friend! Oh yes, the Star Fairies wear silver and sparkles and hold hands as they fly, and the Moon Fairies love Cream Colored dresses with Lavender Ribbons, and the Sun Fairies have curly red hair and like flashy bracelets and little pointed orange silk pantelets with bells that ring around their slim ankles, the Rainbow Fairies dress in a riot of color and tumble left and right to form arcing flashes of color, and of course the Raindrop Brothers have dripping locks of dark ringlets and wide smiles like those lights that form in the dancing wet places, their feet are clothed in dark blue slippers with silver tips and their tunics have silver threads woven in and out in beautiful patterns….and their bright green caps gleam with miniature dewdrops, like bright jewels all over!

Here are my fairies: (There are lots & lots of them - they are made with watercolour paper & painted to correspond with the fairies in the story)

The fairies that live in the tree help Mother Oak keep track of her Acorn Children. Each of these children likes to climb the tree sometimes to visit their mother and she likes them to hold hands as they go to be safe and careful, and the Fairies come and help keep the children so safe as they climb and play……..this is the fun part. They climb with their friends and finally sit alone with their mother.

Here are the watercolours to be used for numbering the Acorn children;

And here are the acorns themselves :)

Sorry this isnt a great photograph. The acorns are needled felted & glued into acorn caps.

I made this little bag for everything to be kept in when not in use:

This really is a lovely, simple story for teaching the quality of numbers to 6 & 7 year olds. I am really looking forward to getting going with this, this week.


naomi said...

that looks like a very beautiful way to get to know numbers! Lovely! And thanks for commenting on my blog :)

Sadie from said...

wish me luck... i'm going to try to find that story again - that group is awesome with tons of info to get lost in :)

LOVE your tree!!

Lynn said...

Let me know if you have trouble finding it, Sadie-i will dig it out for you