Sunday, 9 August 2009

My New Planner

I thought I would share with you my new school planner

Isnt that cover adorable!

I have taken all my homeschool planning sheets, printed them & had them spiral bound at my local Staples Office Supply Store.
The first page contains my name & telephone number, should my precious planner & I be parted; & an inspiring quote to keep my eye on the ball, so to speak :)
The following few pages contain our favourite verses for Circle Time

Then comes my timetables page;who is doing what & when during schooltime & our circle time activites & weekly rhythm (yet to be marked in)

Next up is our day to day schedule - ahem, rhythm (I must remember that word, as we are following more of a waldorf path this year!)

The next page features all the festivals/birthdays/special days that we celebrate each year, plus full moons etc.

Some planning info & a goals page (yet to be marked in)
These pages are taken from Melisa's EBook.

I then have a page for each season, with each month planned out as to our goals for each subject.
Our subjects this year are:
Language Arts
*lots* of creativity & Nature Study
Artist Study

Then we get on to the bulk of the planner; my weekly planning sheets

Last but not least I thought I would share my matching box of matches :)
(aarghh! I forgot to add this photo & have since deleted it! - I simply covered a large matchbox with the same cardstock as my planner)
I am planning to re read this lovely book & make our bedtime routine more creative again. Creative, but simple. We already have the story, snuggle/nursing & prayers; but we have gone back to lighting a candle & saying a verse or written prayer. There is something very special about the familiarity of this routine that little ( & not-quite-so-little ones adore.

Happy planning & sweet dreams!


Michelle said...

I love this idea. I wanted to make one of these, but I just know as soon as it's bound, I'll think of something I should have added, or wish I had used a different lesson planning sheet, or added more, or want to change something, or or or... :)

How much does it cost to have it bound? And where did you get that great cover? Is it card?

Lynn said...

LOL! Michelle-you *know* that is me all over, too! *thats* why I had it spiral bound.
The cover is some scrapbook cardstock I had on hand.
It cost about £3.15 (?) to have it bound, which includes a plastic cover & plain back cover

Jeanne said...

Very organised!! I'm like Michelle though - much to likely to change my mind...It is pretty though!!!

Michelle said...

That's pretty reasonable. I've got lots of ebooks and having them spiral bound might be a good idea. I've also got some books like The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading that would be good to have spiral bound. I wonder if they can bind big books, many possibilities! :)

>you *know* that is me all over, too! *thats* why I had it spiral bound.

How does having your organiser spiral bound help with this? :)

Lynn said...

if they are too thick to be spiral bound, they can have a different kind of binding-the name escapes me

<>you *know* that is me all over, too! *thats* why I had it spiral bound.

How does having your organiser spiral bound help with this? :)>

because I *cant* add to it ;)

Michelle said...

LOL!!! :D

Tan Family said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I'm in the process of making mine right now, so I truly enjoyed seeing this example.

jenny said...

I like that.
I had never even heard of planners until recently!