Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Clutter Monster

One of my New Year Goals was the following:
"8. Simplify. How , what & when I am not yet sure...i just know that everything within me is crying out to live a more simple life..."

I faffed around thinking about it & then I read an article on the waldorf home educators Yahoo group
The article is called The Issue of Toys, Children, and Materialism.
This is an article you need to read!
It moved me to the point that this weekend, my girls went to stay with their grandparents & I attacked our home like a crazy lady!
I have filled around 10 black plastic bags with toys/clothes & other clutter, that has either been freecycled or taken to the rubbish tip.
My home is 'lighter' my head is 'lighter' I am so happy with the results.
According to Marsha (who wrote the above article) I need to do this again in three months. It's a date with myself that is going on the calendar!


Michelle said...

I really want to do this, too. It's mostly a problem with clothes. I have all these clothes that are too small and I keep thinking, someday I'll lose weight and be able to wear them... :)

We just put up a garden shed so I've been able to unload a lot of things into it. No more garden tools littering my kitchen! Yay!

Lynn said...

new shed! hurray!
you must join the yahoo group, just to read the article