Monday, 17 August 2009


Tweeking our daily routing, I have added verses into the mix.
I really enjoyed using them today. It gave a lovely sense of rhythm to everything & as an added bonus, it lead us very naturally into prayer, at regular intervals.
The verses came from Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day by Shea Darian I subtly changed a couple to apply them to our Christian beliefs.
Here is what we are doing;

Upon waking:
The light opens up & I walk in,
the day invites me to begin
I ask the Lord, ‘How shall I start?”
Says the Lord, “With a wish upon your heart.”

Prayer from daytime book

Prayer from mealtime book

Chore Time
I meet my work
with strong limbs (with fists, raise arms out in front, chest height)
open hands, (open hands with palms up)
proud heart. (cross hands & bring palms to chest)

Many hands make light work.
Many hands make light work.
Work together, work together
M-a-ny hands.

Beginning school time:
Come to the circle where dreams are found,
Take my hand, we’ll dance around;
Ha-la, Ha-la, Ha-la, Ha-lo,
Round & round & round we go.


Quiet Time
Quiet now, we pause to rest, (finger on lips)
Silence is our tranquil nest (cup hands)
Our movement stilled,our voices cease, (finger on lips)
we bathe our souls in quiet peace. (cross hands & bring palms to chest)

our bedtime routine is as follows:

Bathtime & story with daddy.

Bible Story
whilst eating supper ; always warm milk with cinnamon, wholemeal toast spread with butter & honey.

Light our candle & sit around it.

There is a candle by my bed,
It dances as with cheer,
While I say prayers for those in need,
& those I hold most dear.
there is a candle by my bed,
It’s there to let me know
Our Lord hears my bedtime prayers
In the low light of its glow.
And though I reach to blow it out
When my prayers are done,
that little flame lives in my heart,
‘Till the day returns with the sun.

Prayer: from book


Blessed are the peacemakers
for they shall be called the children of God
Matt 5:94


Healing: (when someone has an accident, or is unwell)
Bring me ointments,
Bring me herbs to smell,
But mostly bring a gentle kiss
To soothe & make me well.


Just a note to clarify; When I state 'from book' next to our payers, we have a series of board books; each one with a different theme; daytime, mealtimes, sleepy times, special times & so forth. The prayers in here are super-short & make lovely spring boards for our own prayers.


Leah said...

Really helpful Lynn - thanks, I'm doing lots of planning this week...not quite 'back into school' yet!

Melissa said...

I love these ideas. I have Seven Times the Sun requested through our library system and am anxiously waiting! I have just started incorporating some songs and verses into our day and found that the hair brushing song works wonders for getting my almost 3yo to sit through the process. We changed some of the "waldorfy" songs to incorporate our Christian beliefs as well. Would you mind if I steal some of the ones you changed as well?

Clare said...

What beautiful ideas. I'm aiming to be more scheduled (with a baby due in a month and moving house on Wednesday, it ain't happening yet!), and I love the idea of having a verse and a prayer to start each bit of our day.

Sadie from said...

Your day sounds lovely!

Thank you for inspiring me :)

danielle-laryn said...

your blog is lovely and personally i appreciate the christian thread throughout/// i am interested in the quiet and peaceful reflection of waldorf philosophy but am in disagreement of some of the emphasis on it's creator and other "gods"...i look forward to checking back!