Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A New Calendar

I i have been thinking a lot about this beautiful calendar. It comes from Toy Spectrum, but is completely out of my budget. Also, there were a couple of things that were not 'just right' for me. I wanted it to be perfect!
The original is based on Johanne Itten's 12 part colour circle 12 parts - perfect for the 12 months, but I wasnt happy with how the colours would be matched up to the months. I also wasnt happy with the choice of wooden figures that came with the calendar.
So I thought & though & decided to make my own felt version.

I think the colours correspond nicely to the months:
January: Mid blue
February: Pale blue
March: Green
April: Spring green
May: Lime green
June: Warm yellow
July: Yellow
August: Corn yellow
September: Orange
October: Red
November: Violet

I have used the rainbow as a guide & tried my best to match up the months to a seasonally appropriate colour.
Each month will have a felted object to represent it. So, as we are beginning today with September, we have a sweet little Fly Agaric.
The bowl in the centre is home to our markers - currently we are using some apple-wood buttons I had on hand. So, as today was the first week in September, a marker was placed in septembers part. We shall be doing this at the beginning of the week in future - either Sunday or monday - not sure which. I will have to see what natural place in our rhythm this takes. I am thinking possibly mondays, after breakfast. (we are late this week, as this was whipped up late last night, but it fits nicely with the first day of September)

I think this will be a lovely visual reminder for them of the passing weeks, months, seasons & years (for me too!)

Happy September!


stefndawniy said...

that's a really nice idea, bet it was quite hard to make because finding the right colours to blend llike that , lovely . . . . you could run quite a handy little sideline in those , can i put in the first order ;-) xx

Claire said...

What a wonderful idea!

Leah said...

SO lovely Lynn!

Donna said...

Wow! What a project to "whip up"! I think it is beautiful, a good way to see time pass..

Jeanne said...

How beautiful - you are so talented. Sigh!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I've never seen anything like it before, what a great idea.