Tuesday, 15 September 2009

S is for....

The Six Swans, our Fairy Tale for this week.
We are using Melisa's First Grade Curriculum, which i have adapted to my own understanding of the 'Three Day Rhythm'

Day One - we are form drawing & I tell the story
Day Two - Elianna re-tells the story, then we have the artistic interpretation of our lesson
Day Three - Retell the story & the academics of the lesson.

I am not sure how wise a decision this is - it will take a l-o-n-g time to get through the alphabet! We will see :)

Here are our drawings from today:

Our blackboard:

Elianna's block crayon drawing:

My own drawing:

We 'cheated' in that I had pre-cut some swan shapes to add to the picture after we had done our block crayon work. This was our first try at block crayon drawing & when I did the picture the first time, to create a white swan with negative space was really quite tricky & I decided it would be too frustrating an activity for my wee girl :)

I have also created my own '1st grade notebook' today - a place to keep all my drawings, notes & idea's. Hopefuly this will make teaching 1st grade the second time 'around a breeze ;)


Anonymous said...

You can always overlap and they often do in Waldorf Schools:

Monday - Tell story for letter A
Tuesday - Do art activity for A, tell story for B
Wednesday - Do academic activity for A, do art activity for B, tell story for C
Thursday - Do academic activity for B, do art for C
Friday - Do academic for C

This way, you can get through THREE letters per week. I'm not really sure what is an academic activity for First Grade to be honest, but many homeschoolers do a modified two day rhythm and get through three or four letters in a week this way. Hope this helps, Lynn.

barefoot in gitchigumee said...

oh lynn lovely! you are so inspiring really! my crayon drawings look,like, well, lol, not like that! beautiful! xo

Jane said...

I really like the cut out swan it adds another element of texture to your picture. Very Lovely!