Saturday, 5 September 2009

Saturday is Baking Day

We made a blackberry & apple crumble, using up all the blackberries we had collected.

You can experiment with different fruits. Here is the basic crumble mix:

8oz plain flour
3 oz golden caster sugar
4 oz butter

rub with clean fingers, till the mix resembles crumbs :)
Sprinkle over stewed fruit & bake on gm 5 for 20-25 mins till golden.

Then we prepared scones.
We havent as yet baked them. Scones are always best fresh from the oven, so they will be going into the oven this afternoon, after our walk in the woods, ready to be served with clotted cream & raspberry jam :)

The girls are all dressed in their new autumn clothes - last night I changed over their wardrobes to autumn/winter.
They have 14 outfits each, all ready on hangers, complete with matching tights etc. This method of organising may sound over the top, but I have found it a real time saver.

Happy Saturday!


Pussnae said...

That crumble looks delicious!

Jeanne said...

We lurve crumble here too! Not organised enough to do the clothes though...

Classroomfree said...

Yum - we made a Apple and Blackberry crumble just the other day, delicious!

Unknown said...

My dd takes apart outfits. Her favorites change and she doesn't want someone else dressing her. I have daydreams of her room being clean. LOL

What a glorious crumble.