Monday, 3 August 2009

Or First Day Back at School

What a busy, fun filled day!
We began with our first day photographs:

not quite what I had in mind, but lovely, anyway ;)

Here is our sensory table, all set up for our theme for August: Shells & Sand

The girls are digging in

Mid-morning came a huge surprise for me; a package from my new pen friend Lisa

She has sent the most thoughtful & lovely gift; everything I need to knit a beautiful lace shawl; and the best bit - she will be knitting it too! Our very own knit-along!
After I had recovered from the shock of such a gorgeous surprise, we finished off our lessons & had lunch. Rose went to have lunch with Granny & Grandad, as this is her routine for Mondays :)
Elianna had quiet time & I set up for our monthly artist study.
This month we looked at Jackson Pollock.
Here we are, all set up for afternoon tea & artist study;

The shells for our 'inspiration'

& our working area;


Her first piece;

Second piece;

& my piece;

Miss Rose is now home & has eaten all her gingerbread & I am about to make dinner
have a good day yourself :)


Esther said...

Great to see your back to school enthusiasm! We must head back to the books soon too! Looks like you have the same Artists book as we do! We usually school 'year round'... but I hit a slump these past 3 weeks with being poorly and have not 'bounced back' as assumed... mentally and emotionally and physically... probably just an accumulation of all that has happened in the past busy year! so we're just 'treading water', but hope to be refreshed after a brief holiday soon and then back on track! Glad to see your posts anyway... have missed your blogs! Ex

Lisa said...

I caught my breath when I saw my name on your blog! Hee, hee! I'm so very glad we've become pen friends and look forward to many years of letters together! Happy first day back at school, sweet girls!