Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Alphabet Blackboard Drawings

This post is going to be my resource for my alphabet blackboard drawings.
I hope it is useful to someone else, too!

"W" ~ Waves

"T" ~ Tree

"S" ~ Swan

"M" ~ Mountain

"F" ~ Fish

"C" ~ Cat

"H" ~ Hut

"J" ~ Jug

"B" ~ Bear/Butterfly

"G" ~ Golden Goose

"K" ~ King Thrushbeard


Jeanne said...

Oh I wish I was as artistic as you!

jennybell said...

What beautiful drawings! Thank you for the comments on my blog. I am definitely going to try a jump rope. I answered your question in my comments, so here is a link to that post:

Lynn said...

thank you Jeanne & Jenny!

Kelly said...

Beautiful blackboard drawing!

Mama Goose said...

Thanks for sharing. I try to do some drawings too, but so often I spend more time trying to think of what to draw and how, that I don't actually get to draw. I have been wanting to do the alphabet, since that is a lot of what we have been working on. I think I make them too intricate and therefore feel overwhelmed just at the thought of 'making a new drawing'. thanks - you make it look so simple. and rightly so, it should not take me all day to make the drawing! ha ha

Lynn said...

yes, they are quick drawings - 5 mins max. Thanks for such an encouraging comment.
Thank you, too, Kelly!

Sadie from said...

Awesome! This really inspires me to get a move on getting a better chalk board :)