Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My New Blackboard! (part 2)

Not long ago, I became the owner of a Blackboard
Oh, how happy i was!!!!!
But soon, dissatisfaction crept in & I began to covert bigger blackboards.
Well, here is my *new* blackboard : )
35" X 60"

Perfect : )

My poor husband says this board will have to stay perfect. We cannot possibly have a bigger blackboard in our dining room, which is where my wonderful board resides.
My poor, long suffering husband ; )

Along with my blackboard, the dining room is host to my beloved welsh dresser, which is home to my collection of blackboard chalk, all lovingly arranged in rainbow fashion.
I buy regular soft artist's pastels for my board & they are working very well, so far.

To be inspired by wonderful blackboard art, have a look at Flickr: Steiner in Suffolk & Creative blackboards.

Happy Chalking!


Franbles said...

Oooh! Lovely! Enjoy!

Jen said...

One can tell you are an artist :D

Very nice blackboard and beautiful dresser, as well! Enjoy your new blackboard!

Vera Lothian said...

Nice! I'm hoping for a bigger blackboard soon.
WHen you say you use regular pastels what do you mean? I'm using mercurius blackboard chalk and I'd love to find a less pricy option :)
The kids and I started crafting for you guys last night :D

Lynn said...

thank you ladies!
Jen, I really love my dresser - it was given to me when a local art shop closed down, a few years back.
Vera, I buy artist's pastels from the art supply shop.
Here are the ones I use:
how exciting you are crafting for us!